The letters were arranged so as to represent the process of amalgamation: combining multiple things into one.  I wanted to emphasize the process rather than the end result by showing areas of connection as well as disconnect.  Some changes to the typeface needed to occur in order to properly align the letters as desired.


It became apparent that the means of best expanding the identity would be found in the closed counters of the letters.


The counters, when presented on their own, also create an effective portrayal of the amalgamate theme, especially with the use of different colors.  The outlying circle can be presented in either black or white depending upon the background color, while the other four remain red, which helps affirm the oneness of the structure.  Again, process not end result is in mind here as there remains one outlier yet to be united with the others.

Circles only


amalgamate_large_centered_black background

Amalgamate Sign

Amalgamate Window

Amalgamate tshirt

Amalgamate Stationery



The flexibility of the simple circle pattern makes the identity easily transferable, allowing for multiple presentation options.  Thus the pattern of five circles is the chief identifier of Amalgamate.

Circle Guy


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