Magnificent 7

A 100% custom logotype with a handwritten, classic, western feel.



Once I was satisfied with the general layout, the design was transferred to grid paper for more precision and control.



Then to vector.

Progress Screenshot

Nearing completion.  You’ll notice the aspects of the design most changed from start to finish are the “M” and “7”.  I decided adding a downward slope to the stems of the M gave it a more progressive feeling, leading the eye inward toward the rest of the word.  The t/seven was given more of a script appearance to match; the horizontal arm that serves to identify the t as a seven was severed and raised slightly above the t so that both t and seven could be seen separately.

Finally, 40 dots were added surrounding the seven to symbolize the 40 banditos who came up against the Magnificent Seven in the film.  As you’ll see in the mockups below, these dots serve also as a standalone design element.  This makes the identity more expansive and diverse, while also providing a graphic that can be used where a minimalistic appearance is more appropriate.

Progress Screenshot2

The final result is a black and white logo that’s easily inverted and works well over any background.



Mag7 Fence

Mag7 Fort


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